Game Features

  • Auto Party
  • Off Level
  • Off Trade
  • Jewel Bank

Auto Party System

Our client supports the function of automatic search and party creation. At any time you can view a list of all available parties or create your own. To use this system you need to click on the main menu button of the game and select the “Search Party” section
In the list that opens, you will see a list of all created parties and additional information. You can connect to the available ones by clicking on the corresponding button.
You can also create your own party by selecting the create button. By setting up filters and specifying all the appropriate settings, you will create a party to which other players can join if they meet the criteria of your party.
After creating a party, an inscription appears that notifies all players on the server about the opportunity to connect to the new party. If a disconnect occurs while in a party and the reconnect system re-establishes the connection, you will automatically be connected to the current party. There is a level limit in the party. Two players cannot be in the same party if the difference between their levels exceeds 180.

Off Level System

Our server provides the ability to passively pump with the client turned off. To activate this function you need to open the helper using the settings button next to the coordinates panel or press the "Z" button, adjust the helper settings, then click "Save Settings" and then click the "OFF HELPER" button. You will be disconnected from the server, after which you can close the game window.
When using this feature, the player does not receive any experience penalties. The character can be killed by monsters or other characters, in which case he will go offline. In off leveling mode, the player cannot pick up any items, including jewels and zen, even if you specified them in the helper settings.

Off Trading System

The off-trading system allows characters to buy and sell various items, weapons and equipment. You can sell goods for jewels or zen. To open your shop, you just need to click the corresponding icon in the inventory menu, transfer items for sale there, set the required price and open the store. You can only open shops in the Lorencia location.
You can trade without closing the client, but you can also use the off-trading function. This will not make any changes to the character or selling mechanics.
To activate the off-trade function, after opening the store, you need to enter the store menu again and select the "OFF STORE" button that appears. After the character goes disconnected, simply close the game window.
Any character at any time can view and purchase all any items that players sell. To do this, select "Search Store" in the main menu of the game. After this, a window will appear with a list of sellers and items for sale, in which you can make purchases.
There are no taxes on trade in this form. The seller can set the price for the items in jewels, or zen. When all goods are sold, the character goes offline and all profits go to the inventory or game account. We also have a market on the website, but trading on it is carried out only for game currency.

Jewel Bank

The Jewel Bank feature serves as a separate storage area for your jewelry. It greatly simplifies management, storage, packaging, and unpacking. Any gamer can use this function simply by pressing the "J" key
Currently this is only one server.